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As amazing as Florence is, the country side, hills, and towns outside of Florence can be both a relief from the bustle, crowds, and summer time heat and an adventure in an of themselves. This section highlights a few places to go and things to see outside and around Florence.

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Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano

poggioacaiano.jpgPoggio a Caiano is a former Medici villa at the foot of the Albano hills. It is on record as being the only surviving architectural structure commissioned by Lorenzo the Magnificent, and became a favorite of his that was used by the family dynasty for centuries. It was also one of the favored summer residences of the grand duchess of Tuscany Elisa Baciocchi Buonaparte, Napoleon's sister, and the possible site of her affair with NicolಠPaganini, who gave concerts in the Villa's theater. It was eventually a summer residence of King Victor Emmanuele II before being turned over to the state.

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Medici Villas Map

The Medici ruled Florence and most of the surrounding territory almost continuously from the early 15th century to the early 18th century. A large part of their legacy is the constellation of villas they left: a network of rural buildings, farms, hunting lodges, and villas used as country palaces by the Medici for vacations, hunts, parties, and family celebrations.

Click on the pins in the map for more information about the many villas of the Medici that surround Florence:

Field Near Settignano

I had a chance to take a walk in a field in the hills around Florence up near Settignano this afternoon:





Montelupo Golf Club

montelupo-golf-club-logo.pngWe found a new course (new to us at least) on the web the other day, the Montelupo Golf Club. It looks pretty good for a nine hole - the par is 36 so you get to take the big clubs out of the bag on several holes. The best part is the twilight fee of 20 euros. I will be playing a round here soon I hope and post more about it when I do.


Florence Golf Courses

Golfing is not a huge sport in Italy, but there are a few real courses around Florence (as opposed to the couple of pitch and putt places that are also in the area). Below are some of the more reputable Golf clubs and courses if you feel the need to tee it up while here:

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