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As the years went by that I lived in Florence I got more and more into taking photographs, always trying to get better technically and creatively. I really never spent a lot of time with a tripod trying to take museum quality photos, but I always had my camera with me, especially for the last couple of years, and I did end up taking over 18,000 images in the 8 years I was a resident of Florence. On this page I will be posting photo essays from particular places or of particular subjects.

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Florentines and their dogs

Florentines seem to take as much pride in their dogs as in most things - which is a lot. On any sunny Sunday in the center of town you are usually treated to a wonderful display of all kinds of breeds. Here are some we photographed in the last few years:

(This is Salvatore above - actually a dog of a friend of ours)

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Florence in the Snow, December 2010

Here are some photos from around the center of Florence, the day after the storm, Saturday December 18th, 2010.

winter.jpg rape-sabine-women.jpg
duomo.jpg judith-holofernes.jpg cupola.jpg piazza-signoria.jpg perseus.jpg ponte-vecchio.jpg ponte-santa-Trìnita.jpg ponte-alla-caraia.jpg

Florence Snowstorm, December 17th, 2010

Another year, another snowstorm! This one during the day, almost exactly one year from the last snow in Florence. These photos are from the afternoon of Friday, December 17th, 2010. Feel free to share them put please credit Florence-On-Line or Florence-Journal.com.

piazza-santa-Trìnita.jpg ponte-vecchio.jpg
via-del-corso.jpg piazza-degli-uffizi.jpg loggia.jpg giostra-piazza-repubblica.jpg duomo.jpg christmas-tree-snow.jpg spring-summer-snow.jpg ponte-santa-Trìnita.jpg

Sunset on the Arno

July 26th, 2010:


Field Near Settignano

I had a chance to take a walk in a field in the hills around Florence up near Settignano this afternoon:





Florence, March 13, 2010

Just some photos from around Florence on Saturday, March 13. The weather has turned for the better and there is a lot of sun in the forecast for this week too:


Florence in the Snow, December 2009

There was a snow storm on Friday night, December 18th, in Florence and much of Tuscany. These photos are from Saturday, December 19th:

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The Duomo & Campanile, Florence


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