All'Antico Vinaio


vinaio.jpgPopular with both Florentines and foreigners alike, the small sandwich shop All'Antico Vinaio is the perfect place to grab a quick bite and wash it down with some local wine. With a convenient location on a pedestrian street behind the Uffizi Gallery, you can choose from a wide range of reasonably-priced crostini, sandwiches, cheeses, Italian cold cuts and roasted meats. Some of the dishes are prepared at the rotisserie across the street under the same ownership - the roast pig (porchetta) sandwich is a favorite not to be missed. They offer a handful of stools to perch on, but most people prefer to grab a snack, pour up a glass of wine and socialize with the other patrons on the street in front - especially popular in the early evening for an inexpensive aperitivo.

LOCATION: Via dei Neri 65r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: 055 238 2723
INFO: Closed Sunday, no credit cards (unless you pay at their rosticceria across the street)

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