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Florence Tramvia Construction Update


From the 13th to 15th of December the traffic in via degli Arazzieri will be interrupted by the laying of new roadway in Piazza San Marco, construction of the new layout in Piazza della Libertà, and the laying of new track in Viale Lavagnini.

Work is proceeding on the construction of the Fortezza-Libertà-San Marco tram line:

The asphalting of Viale Lavagnini is scheduled: the work will be carried out at night (21-5) from Monday 11 to Friday 15 December with narrowing of the carriageway between via Bonifazio Lupi and Piazza della Libertà (direction towards the square). In the initial stages of asphalting, there will also be narrowing of the roadway in via Duca D'Aosta and via delle Mantellate.

Some restoration works located in the intersection area between Via degli Arazzieri and Piazza San Marco will always be carried out at night.

From Wednesday the 13th to Friday the 15th from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., traffic in via degli Arazzieri between Piazza San Marco and Via San Gallo will be interrupted.

Meanwhile, the operations of unloading and laying the tracks in the section of Viale Lavagnini from via Poliziano to via Leone X are also continuing with narrowing of the roadway at night. From next week the measures will be in force from Monday the 11th to Thursday the 14th of December, Monday the 18th, Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st in hours between 10 p.m. and midnight, while on Friday the 15th of December the work time will be 9 p.m. to midnight.

From Friday, December 1st, the construction site of via La Pira was also extended in via La Marmora to via Venezia, with the intersection with via Micheli always available. There are no changes for the traffic at the entrance to Piazza San Marco. As for the exiting route from Piazza San Marco, the vehicles that will use via Cavour will have to turn into via Micheli and continue into via Gino Capponi before returning to the ring roads. As an alternative route, it can be used via Cavour / via Venezia and then continue in via San Gallo / via Duca d'Aosta towards the avenues.

On Wednesday, December 5th, the construction site area was moved to the area adjacent to the Parterre and the lanes for circulation in the direction of Viale Don Minzoni and Via Pier Capponi will be moved to the central part of the carriageway, adjacent to the lanes coming from Viale Matteotti. The current circulation flows from via Lorenzo Il Magnifico and via del Ponte Rosso in the direction of Viale Don Minzoni and via Pier Capponi will be guaranteed.

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