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This Month in Florence

February in Florence : Febbraio a Firenze

neptune-fountain-february.JPG Wednesday, Jan 31, 2024: While it may be the "slowest" month for tourists, Florence presents a unique charm during the month of February, and if a little cold and rain don't put you off (and who knows - it could also be sunny and warm!), it is a great time to visit. Outside of the hustle and bustle of peak tourist seasons, Florence in February offers a more intimate experience of its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking l... read more.

December in Florence : Dicembre a Firenze

florence-in-snow.jpeg Friday, Dec 1, 2023: Florence in the snow as seen from San Miniato al Monte in 2009 December is a special time to be in Florence - the winter light makes for fantastic sunsets, and the Arno can be very still at times, providing some great picture taking opportunities. The city is always lit up and decorated, giving the whole center a festive and magical feeling. There are Christmas markets everywhere, and if you are ... read more.

November in Florence : Novembre a Firenze

piazza-santa-trinita-flood-1966.jpg Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023: Florence marks the beginning and end of November with a huge historical anniversary, and an international sporting event: the somber remembrance of one of this cities worst tragedies, the epic Flood of 1966 on November 4th, contrasted by the lively Firenze Marathon, traditionally held near the month's end. This year's race takes place on Sunday, November 26th. In between there is the annual Olive... read more.

October in Florence : Ottobre a Firenze

ceramics-heiner-bauer.jpg Sunday, Oct 1, 2023: Some wonderful events (and usually impeccable weather) await the visitors to and residents of Florence in October, including one of our favorite annual events, the Fiera della Ceramica (ceramics festival) in Piazza Santissima Annunziata Piazza Santa Croce (for the first time in 2023). Major October events in Florence: The major religious event of the month is the Feast of St. Reparata, annually o... read more.

September in Florence : Settembre a Firenze

rificolona-lantern.jpg Friday, Sep 1, 2023: September in Florence is one of our favorite months: the weather cools off, there is the magical Festa della Rificolona in Piazza Santissima Annuziata, and multiple outstanding wine events, including the Carro Matto in Florence, Vino al Vino in Panzano, and the Expo del Chianti Classico in Greve. Festa della Rificolona Each year on the evening of September 7th is the Festa della Rificolona. This i... read more.

Summer in Florence : Estate a Firenze

boboli-gardens.JPG Posted on Saturday, Jul 1, 2023: Summer in Florence is full of things to do, and "Ferragosto" (the tradition of taking off the last two weeks of August and closing everything down*) is not as extreme as it can be (or used to be) in other Italian cities, since so many tourist focused businesses stay open now to cater to the clientele that visits this time of year. Besides the obvious visiting of churches and museums, which usuall... read more.

January in Florence : Gennaio a Firenze

pitti-uomo-attendee.jpg Posted on Monday, Jan 1, 2024: Florentine fashion icon Wanny Di Filippo, founder of Il Bisonte, at Pitti Uomo Like every other month of the year there is a lot going on in Florence, but the killer event each January is Pitti Uomo. The fashion world pretty much dominates the city for the whole month, with the "beautiful people" popping up everywhere for events, parties, and of course, the major trade exhibition at the Fortezza ... read more.

June in Florence : Giugno a Firenze

calcio-storico-piazza-santa-croce.JPG Posted on Thursday, Jun 1, 2023: There is one historical event that overshadows all others in June in Florence - the "Calcio Storico" or "Calcio in Costume". This is a medieval tradition which has taken place in the city with only minor breaks for centuries. It is a semi-polarizing event for Florentines and not without recent controversy, including the suspension of the event for a season several years ago to excessive violence. ... read more.

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