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Day Trips from Florence

With today's fast trains, Rome, Bologna, and even Milan can be day trips - as well as points west like Lucca and Pisa on regional trains. And of course the countryside of Tuscany, including Siena to the south and many other towns are an easy drive, including the Mugello, the Casentino, and the Maremma, to name just a few.

An Amazing Day In Rome

I went down to Rome a couple of weeks ago to see some friends from America who were on holiday. The weather has been great so far (for November) and it was a perfect day for photos. Here are a few from around the Roman Forum: ... read more.

Day trip to Milan

a1-to-milan.jpeg The A1 runs north from Florence and will take you to Milan by car You can reach many interesting cities, towns, and villages from Florence in a day - even outside Tuscany. A day trip to Milan is definitely in scope with the fast trains that only take about two hours to reach this important northern Italian city. Trains From Florence SMN To Milano Centrale Trenitalia Frecciarossa ITALO Around 5... read more.

Grotta del Vento, The Wind Cave

grotta-del-vento.jpg North of Lucca, in the area known as the Garfagnana, is the Grotta del Vento - one of the most accessible (and highly commercialized!) caves in Tuscany. As a day trip from Florence with kids, it is pushing the limit - we followed the directions on the official website, which had us getting off the main highway much earlier than Lucca, and it was slow and tedious going trying to stay on the correct... read more.

Medici Villa at Poggio a Caiano

medici-villa-of-poggio-a-caiano.jpeg Poggio a Caiano is a former Medici villa at the foot of the Albano hills. It is on record as being the only surviving architectural structure commissioned by Lorenzo the Magnificent, and became a favorite of his that was used by the family dynasty for centuries. It was also one of the favored summer residences of the grand duchess of Tuscany Elisa Baciocchi Buonaparte, Napoleon's sister, and the p... read more.

Sillico and the Garfangana

We spent a relaxing winter weekend in Sillico recently - a small hamlet of about 100 people in the region known as the Garfangana (just about a 2 hour drive from Florence). The Garfangana is up the Serchio river valley north of Lucca, and lies between the Alpi Apuane (famous for Carrara marble) and the Apennines. We stayed in a lovely little apartment that is part of a triplex just below (100 met... read more.


Vinci is a small village about an hour from Florence by car (see map below), and most famous as the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci. The town is surrounded by hills with the typical Tsucan landscape of vineyards and olive groves that are much the same as in Leonardo's time. There is a little piazza with an installation by Italian artist Mimmo Paladino which we thought was interesting the day we v... read more.

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