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Sant'Alessandro a Giogoli

PieveSant'Alessandro a Giogoli is a very interesting looking Romanesque church (12C) on the way from Florence to Montespertoli. It is just off of the SP4 (Strada Provinciale) or Via Volterrana and is surrounded by olive groves. The sign on the front says there is a Ghirlandaio inside, but the church was closed both in the morning and in the afternoon on my way back and forth from Montespertoli to visit a friend. Hopefully I will return soon and try a little harder to get inside.


The map is courtesy of Yahoo! - they had a better satellite than Google. The picture of the olive grove was from the morning - yesterday was one of the coldest mornings we have had all year, all the hills were covered in frost, and there was fog clinging to all the hill sides. It made for a very pretty drive.

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