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I fochi di San Giovanni


"I Fochi di San Giovanni" (The Fires of Saint John) is a traditional celebration held in Florence, Italy, in honor of the city's patron saint, Saint John the Baptist. This event takes place annually on the evening of June 24th and is one of Florence's most important and festive public holidays.

Historical Background

Saint John the Baptist: Saint John the Baptist is one of the patron saints of Florence, and the city's reverence for him dates back to medieval times. His feast day on June 24th is marked with various religious and secular activities.

Tradition: The tradition of celebrating Saint John's Day with fireworks, processions, and other festivities has been part of Florence's cultural heritage for centuries.

Main Events and Activities

Fireworks Display: The highlight of the celebrations is a spectacular fireworks display, known as "fochi," which takes place in the evening. The fireworks are usually launched from Piazzale Michelangelo, providing a stunning backdrop against the city's skyline.

Historical Parade: A historical parade, or "corteo storico," featuring participants in medieval and Renaissance costumes, often takes place. The parade includes flag bearers, musicians, and representatives of various historical guilds and organizations.

This annual event is organized by the Società di San Giovanni Battista.

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