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Acqua al 2

acqua.jpgFrommers review:

Under a barrel-vaulted ceiling and dim sconce lights, diners sit elbow-to-elbow at tightly packed tables to sample this innovative restaurant's assaggi (tastings) courses. Acqua al 2 is proud of its almost cultish status, attained through the success of its assaggio di primi, which offers you a sampling of five flavorful pastas or risotti. If you order the assaggio for two, you both just may have room left over for a grilled portobello mushroom "steak," one of the many veal dishes, or something more cross-cultural, like couscous d'agnello (lamb). They also offer assaggi of salads, cheese, and desserts. Tour companies have started bringing in tourists by the busload on occasion, but the crowd still remains a good mix of locals and travelers.

LOCATION: Via della Vigna Vecchia 40r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 28 41 70
EMAIL: [email protected]

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