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Bardini Garden, Giardino Bardini


A view of Florence from the terrace of the Bardini Garden

Nestled in the heart of Florence lies a somewhat lesser-known spot that is typically overshadowed by the larger and more famous Boboli Gardens: the Giardino Bardini. This historic garden, stretching over four hectares, offers a tranquil escape from the city's crowded streets, providing breathtaking panoramic views of Florence.

It was only renovated and reopened to the public in this century and remains a quiet escape spot in this bustling city. Historians seem to overlook it as it is not solely representative of the renaissance (which is of course what Florence is most famous for), but features an eclectic mixture of Italian, English, and Chinese style gardens.

History of Giardino Bardini


A unique water feature of the garden is this fountain with lions head

The garden's origins can be traced back to the medieval period. Over the centuries, the garden underwent various transformations and ownership changes. Its present form owes much to the 20th-century renovations executed by antiquarian Stefano Bardini, after whom the garden (and museum) was eventually named.

Bardini was a passionate art dealer and played a pivotal role in restoring and enhancing the garden's aesthetic. He integrated various elements from different periods, ensuring that the garden encapsulated various epochs of Florentine history.

Layout and Features

The Bardini Garden boasts a delightful array of features:


The staircase seen from a distance

  • Terraced Layout:Ascend the stone stairways of the garden, and you'll be rewarded with ever-evolving perspectives of Florence. The terraces are dotted with statues, fountains, and historic stone walls draped in greenery.

  • Baroque Staircase: A remarkable highlight of the garden, this staircase, surrounded by lush azaleas and hydrangeas, leads visitors to the panoramic belvedere.

  • English Wood: This section is a testimony to the 19th-century love affair with English gardens. With its winding pathways, diverse flora, and shaded spots, it's a haven for those seeking solace and introspection.

  • Orchard and Kitchen Garden: A nod to the site's medieval roots, this area is filled with fruit trees and herbs. Depending on the season, you might catch the fragrant blossoms or see fruits coming to maturity.

  • The Wisteria Pergola: An enchanting spot, especially in spring, the pergola is a cascade of blooming wisteria, offering a magical floral experience for visitors.

Panoramic Views

One of the undeniable attractions of Giardino Bardini is the panoramic terrace. From here, the entirety of Florence stretches out before you, with landmarks such as the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Ponte Vecchio easily identifiable. It's a photographer's dream and a romantic spot, especially during sunset.

Events and Exhibitions

Beyond its natural allure, the garden often hosts temporary art exhibitions and cultural events. The integration of contemporary art within this historic setting makes for a unique juxtaposition and offers visitors a multi-layered experience.

Visiting Giardino Bardini

Tickets & Hours

  • Full Price: € 10
  • Reduced: € 5
  • Children under 17 are free
  • Hours: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., entrance allowed until 7 p.m.
  • Closed on the first and last Monday of every month - the entrances are through buildings/gates and can appear hidden - look for the signs!
The Giardino Bardini, though less frequented than the neighboring Boboli Gardens, is conveniently located. It's just a short walk from the Ponte alle Grazie and the Palazzo Pitti/Boboli Gardens. The official page of the garden is part of the Villa Bardini website, links and contact info is below.

While Florence teems with world-renowned museums, churches, and palazzi, the Giardino Bardini offers a serene and picturesque break from the city's more frequented tourist spots. Whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply someone seeking a tranquil spot with unparalleled city views, the Giardino Bardini awaits your discovery.

Note that you can enter the garden from Villa Bardini, which is accessible via a short walk from the back of the Boboli Gardens at Costa San Giorgio 2, or from the entrance at Via de' Bardi 1 r, below. If you want to walk up and through the pergola or the staircase, the Via de'Bardi entrance is better - if you want to walk down the steps then entering from the Villa would be preferred.


The entrance to the Bardini Garden at Via de'Bardi 1 r

Here is the Bardini Garden on a map -

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