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Fuori Porta

fuoriporta.jpg Frommers review of Fuori Porta:

You can dine out on the sidewalk in nice weather, or sit on the benches at tiny wooden tables inside to taste the excellent pizzalike crostini here. Start with the pappa al pomodoro or gnocchi with broccoli rabe and sausage. The crostoni are divided by cheese -- mozzarella, sharp pecorino, creamy goat-cheese caprino -- along with a list of the toppings to accompany them. My favorite is caprino con prosciutto arrosto e pomodori secchi (with goat cheese, roasted prosciutto, and sun-dried tomatoes). The wine is a key part of the meal; the list draws from the more interesting vineyards in Tuscany and beyond. This place is a bit out-of-the-way but worth the trip.

LOCATION: Via del Monte alle Croci 10, Firenze
TELEPHONE: 055 234 2483
EMAIL: [email protected]


filipepe2.jpgUnveiled September 18 2003 near the Ponte Vecchio, in one of the most ancient districts of Florence, Filipepe wine and cheese bar became the surprising realty in the restaurant panorama of the city. The intriguing fusion of cuisine, ambiance and clientele, effectively creates a unique and modern Mediterranean dining experience. Research and high professionalism, garnished with grace and courtesy characterize the delightful experience of Filipepe.

Throughout the evening, one experiences a medley of unique cuisine harmonized with precisely selected wines. The enviornment, bathed in candlelit ambiance, was designed by the architects Giuliana Fioretti e Francesca Corina.

LOCATION: Via San Niccolo 43, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 200 1397
EMAIL: [email protected]

Antica Mescita San Niccolò

anticamescita.jpgAntica Mescita San Niccolò is a traditional osteria in the district of San Niccolò where you can order wine with a plate of cold cuts and cheeses, bruschette and carpacci, and you can also savor other uncommon plates from the best of Florentine tradition. Guendalina always greets you with a smile as if you had entered the dining room of her own home. The osteria is also suitable for vegetarians with the best zuppe e minestre (soups). Taste the cream of chickpeas, spelt or stew with porcini mushrooms, and homemade desserts. Don't forget to go downstairs to visit the crypt from the 1000's. Sit at a charming table on the street which leads to Fort Belvedere.

LOCATION: Via di San Niccolò 60, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 2342836
EMAIL: [email protected]

il Rifrullo

rifrullo-florence.jpgIl Rifrullo is a great place to get a coffee, an aperitivo, or a full lunch or dinner. Located in San Niccolò, across the Arno and towards the Porta San Miniato, in one of the quieter, less touristy spots of Florence - yet only a 5 minute walk from the Ponte Alle Grazie.

The bar is open all day, and they have free WiFi. There is also outside seating in the warmer months, a cozy dining room with a fireplace in the winter, and a famous Sunday brunch all year round. This is a great spot to relax, and there are several other good places to eat in the area also.

LOCATION: Via San Niccolò 55r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 234 26 21
EMAIL: [email protected]

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