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Handmade Shoes in Florence

MondoalbionSummer is over and I've put away most of my sandals. So yesterday I pulled out some shoes I bought last Spring, and I'm realizing how much I really like them. I bought them at a little shop on Via Nazionale called "Mondo Albion", where a quirky guy makes shoes. The store is half workshop and half display. Most of the displays are what I would consider more "costume" shoes than wearable shoes - lots of platform boots painted in bright colors with hand-written text (see photo). But if you walk to the back, there are a few shelves full of leather flats, loafers and pumps - all with an interesting flare, but not at all crazy. They're not cheap (starting at about 100 euros for a basic pair of black flats), but they're holding up well and seem to be offered in every size imaginable. I think the shop's worth a browse, if just to take a look at the fun stuff.

Check out their website. The site's dedicated mostly to Mondo Albion's one-off items, really art pieces, not shoes - but it's an interesting read, and there is a good map of their location too.


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