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Piazza della Libertà

Piazza della Libertà Piazza della Libertà  is the northernmost point of the historic centre of Florence. The piazza has been built and rebuilt many times up until the 19th century. After 1865, the square was demolished and finally rebuilt with a new design by Giuseppe Poggi. The square today is surrounded by a number of beautiful Florentine buildings. In the middle of the piazza lies a beautiful and peaceful garden with a view of the famous triumphal arch as well as a majestic fountain.

The piazza is an ideal area to spend time in a beautiful open green space. At the north side of the square there is a typical French garden called the "Parterre." This space was commissioned by the Grand Duchy Leopoldo during the 18th century and serves as an ice skating rink during the winter. Various restaurants and cafes also line the square.

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