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Trattoria da Garibaldi

garibaldi.jpgLocated in Mercato Centrale square in center of Florence, few steps from main train station Santa Maria Novella and Duomo square, the Trattoria Da Garibardi welcomes visitors and locals in a typically Tuscan environment.

From 1989 the care for the kitchen and the choice of materials has always been first place in the scale of values. It's a place where you can "feel at home", where the flavors are of real Tuscan cuisine and where the service is precise and yet friendly and informal. In summer you can dine outside, in an atmosphere reminiscent of the Parisian square, or inside between ancient stone walls, in 3 comfortable halls equipped with air conditioning.

The menu offers all the typical specialties of Tuscan cuisine, including the famous "Fiorentina Steak", the true specialty of the restaurant. Other dishes include: Ribollita, Pappa al pomodoro, Trippa, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, and Crostini.The restaurant also has private rooms and can accommodate groups of 20 to 50 people, for a total of 100 seats.

LOCATION: Piazza del Mercato Centrale 38r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 269 7723
EMAIL: [email protected]

il Porcospino

porcospino.jpgIl Porcospino, is situated in S.Lorenzo neighborhood, in front of Cappelle Medicee on the ground floor of Benci Palace built in the XVI century. You can find the typical older Florentine atmosphere linked to everything is tradition and history: walls, completely painted, allow to live again the charm of the Brunelleschi's architecture style of Cappelle Medicee; in front of Cappelle, just on the entrance, a romantic garden where you could have an exciting and unforgettable candlelit dinner.

Tastes and scents are those of real tuscany tradition together with ligurian cuisine, the region where the manager comes from. Included are wonderful typical tuscan hors d'ouvres, pasta al pesto, tuscan tomato soup and different kinds of tuscan minestrone; and from Florentine steak and veal shank florentine style to assorted tuscan fried dishes and tripe in florentine style. Ingredients (meat and fish) are fresh and first quality.

LOCATION: Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini 11/12r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 217700
EMAIL: [email protected]

Le Mossacce

lemossacce2.jpgRight near the Duomo, at the very heart of Florence, on Via del Proconsolo shadowed by the Bargello, lies a piece of Tuscany worth discovering. It will seem upon entering Le Mossacce that you are in a Florentine home. You will be greeted by the informal and sincerely open arms of the Fantoni-Mannucci family, which for over 50 years has run this restaurant always preserving the local gastronomic traditions. You will be surrounded by the sweet smells of the local dishes, ribollita or the inzimino; you will be able to choose the very cut of your Florentine beefsteak, and also from the kitchen you will be able to uncover the secrets of Florentine recipes.

On the menu you will always the freshest products cooked with that very simplicity and flavour that has made the Tuscan cuisine famous throughout the world. All, of course, to be accompanied by an optimum Chianti. But, above all else, here you will be able to make new friends. In this restaurant, noted by Florentines as a great
place to dine, you will be able to ask about local happenings in the city and also discover Florence and her true spirit outside the classic tourist routes.

LOCATION: Via del Proconsolo 55r, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 294361

Trattoria Enzo e Piero

enzo.jpgThrough the years at Trattoria Enzo e Piero, the Marzocchi family has continued to offer ribollita (bread and vegetable soup), pappa al pomodoro (bread and tomato porridge), zuppa di farro (vegetable soup with spelt grains), fresh pasta with cinghiale (wild boar) or mushroom sauce, beefsteak, marrow, trippa alla fiorentina (florentine style tripe), pollo alla cacciatora (chicken stew) and many other signatures of the Tuscan cooking tradition, including fish on Friday, with baccala alla fiorentina (florentine style cod) as the house specialty. The research behind the ingredients and the experience and knowledge make all the recipes an unforgettable culinary experience. The home cooked flavors enriched with the warmth of the owner have always attracted a large clientele composed of both locals and tourists.

LOCATION: Via Faenza, 105r, Firenze
TELEPHONE:(39) 055 214901
EMAIL: [email protected]

Trattoria Mario

trat_mario.jpgTrattoria Mario is an authentic, family run restaurant passed on through the generations of the Colzi family. The menu is based on Tuscan home cooking and family recipes that have changed very little over the years. They use fresh ingredients from the nearby market and the menu changes with the seasons. On Monday and Thursday you'll like find tripe on the menu, and fresh fish on Fridays. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is available every day and is only served rare.

LOCATION: Via Rosina 2r, Firenze
TELEPHONE:(39) 055 218550
EMAIL: [email protected]

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