filipepe2.jpgUnveiled September 18 2003 near the Ponte Vecchio, in one of the most ancient districts of Florence, Filipepe wine and cheese bar became the surprising realty in the restaurant panorama of the city. The intriguing fusion of cuisine, ambiance and clientele, effectively creates a unique and modern Mediterranean dining experience. Research and high professionalism, garnished with grace and courtesy characterize the delightful experience of Filipepe.

Throughout the evening, one experiences a medley of unique cuisine harmonized with precisely selected wines. The enviornment, bathed in candlelit ambiance, was designed by the architects Giuliana Fioretti e Francesca Corina.

LOCATION: Via San Niccolo 43, Firenze
TELEPHONE: (39) 055 200 1397
EMAIL: [email protected]

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