Pictures from the Vasari Corridor


This morning we had a private tour of the Vasari Corridor with a guide from the Uffizi, Patrizia, who was very knowledgeable and greatly added to the experience. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and it was really a fantastic tour. The collection of self portraits in the main corridors is unrivaled in the world. They also keep a damaged painting from the bombing of the Uffizi in May, 1993, on a landing in the stairs leading down to the corridor as a remembrance to those who died. There are some other paintings and sculptures in the corridors leading to and from the main passageway over the river that are worthwhile also. After crossing the river you see the private balcony of the Medici's in Santa Felicita, and are let out into the Boboli garden by a little door just to the left of Buontalenti's Grotta Grande.


You are not allowed to photograph the collection - all the shots above are from the windows along the way.

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